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Your Breeding Agreement 

The Get-A-Wag Therapy Puppy Club is one of a kind!


You are almost done.

If you are accepted into the breeding program you will be communicating through gmail.  You will need to make a gmail email address that is for business purposes with your dog customers only....this is not a private account....the foundation will have the password to it also and it it only for dog business (not personal correspondence).  Its like your desk at the office--our online office. 

Go here to create your gmail account.  Suggestions for what to name it: use  or even better  Everyone will eventually have a kennel name which is your title for your branch of the breeding program. When selecting a kennel name google search it to make sure someone else is not using it already.

Email queensmother@gmail.comfrom your new email address including its password and you will receive a link to your breeding agreement. 

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