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#3 Read the Breeding Protocol 

2014 Get-A-Wag Breeding Protocol

Documentation must be on-going:


  • Gmail--You are expected to do all correspondence with Foundation and other breeders and all communication with customers from your designated gmail email account and that password is shared with the foundation and no personal conversation will be done from this account that may not be read by management. Communicate with Foundation through email by the first of each month even if you have no litters. Chat window should be enabled and show when you are online so that we can communicate readily.  (Chats are automatically saved for review later.)

  • Calendar updates- For puppies: Weight put on google calendar every ten days along with type of worming. Type of immunizations entered also. Progress of sale, including shipping also documented on calendar and dates money received.  For adults: All matings, due dates, whelpings and monthly type of heartworm protection, immunizations, rabies.

  • Picture updates- Share 10 to 30 marketable pictures on a timely basis, no less than every ten days without receiving management permission or you will have a penalty and lose 5%, per week late, off of Breeders’ percentage. This is to keep you current and get the best prices for your puppies.

  • Document updates-Add each litter to the appropriate Google document for its mother, putting the puppy’s photo at time of delivery and customer contact information there in order to receive payout for puppy. This is how we keep records for the registry.

  • Dog List: Keep a running list of Dogs you own, Dogs you foster for the foundation, and current puppies, make sure you have a individual document for each adult dog.

  • Sales List: Keep a running list of sales including deposits received and the donation pool you keep for Get-A-Wag puppy donations.


Puppy Percentages:


Pups are sold at the following percentages of sales price--you will receive payment after the puppy is shipped.

  • Foundation dogs have a 60% foundation return, and breeder keeps 40%

  • Exceptions are dogs that are placed pregnant (30%) and 10% returned to original breeder

  • Or those with puppies already born (20%) and 20% returned to the original breeder

  • Later you may buy your own stock and want to breed a Foundation male with your female:

  • One parent breeder owned and one foundation owned breeder 50% foundation 50% breeder

  • Or you may broaden your kennel so that you have your own males and females:

  • Both sire and dam are breeder owned breeder 60% breeder 40% foundation

Guaranteed compensation:


You are guaranteed compensation for your puppies.  You may choose whichever is greater: up to $300 [the amount in your Get-A-Wag account], or the total amount the puppy brings at final sale if less than $300 if the puppy is discounted for Get-A-Wag emotional support therapy dog placement. [This amount must be pro-rated between more than one breeders if the mating and whelping took place while in their possession.]

This guaranteed income is providing you did not compromise the early sale of puppy by failing to submit pictures on a timely basis or some other required breeder omission. Puppies must be 16 weeks old or greater and you will have foundation approval before dropping the price to $300 or less and if all other options for selling have been exhausted, then the foundation will not take their percentage of that income, and you will get it all.

Occasionally a situation arises where you can sell them on your own after getting foundation approval.  They are called mixed breed puppies, not Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle, Queens Beagle, Toy Rottweiler, Rottiebear, Toy Boxer, Boxerbear, Toy Bulldog, Bulliebear or Toy Panda Dog. This is considered an adoptive price and pups will not have the one year health warranty.  These situations rarely happen as we have a long list of people wanting Get-A-Wag puppies.

All sales of more than $300 have 5% Get-A-Wag contribution donated from their profit. 2.5% of the puppy sales are donated by breeder and 2.5% by foundation to support the Get-A-Wag program placing puppies with handicapped or special needs children. Breeders may donate a puppy when your fund has enough in it to compensate you. You will get up to $300 compensation back from your pooled Get-A-Wag funds to go toward your expense of raising the puppy. These puppies will not have the one year health warranty.

Breeding Rules:


  • Female dogs are not to be bred before their second heat and therefore their first litter shall not be born before their 1st year birthday.

  • Female dogs shall never be bred more than two heat seasons in a row. After being bred two seasons a female must skip a breeding cycle and effectively will rest up to a full year.* C-Sections bitches must miss the next heat cycle.

  • Accidental or unapproved breeding's may qualify as grounds for immediate removal of foundation dogs. I understand that as a breeder and keeper of these dogs it is my responsibility to make sure that ‘accidental’ breeding's do not occur and I should look at my females everyday to make sure they are not coming into season with access to a male.

*2015 Revision:

Change will be made regarding frequency of breeding: after more research we learned that medical opinion is divided and there are no studies that conclude it is in the female's best interest to rest between heat cycles.  There have been studies that support breeding back to back reduces the chance of problems. That poor contractions resulting in c/sections and mastitis, and endometriosis and other problems actually present in dogs that are artificially rested versus the dogs that breed naturally when they will. 

Whether to breed or not to breed will be made by individual determination regarding health of the mother dog and the puppies she produced.  If they are healthy, she may breed back to back and plan to retire earlier, rather than continuing into later years and skipping heat cycles.

A female having had a c-section must skip her next cycle.

    Every Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle breeder sells their puppies through this website maintained by the Queen Elizabeth Pocket Breeds Foundation. Prospective puppy buyers have a unique opportunity to do their own comparative shopping in one place as every puppy available anywhere will be listed here.


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