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 The Pixie Page
Pixiebeagles: Petite Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles 
Pixie Beagles
Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles smallest!

Adorable Blue-eyed IVY with her baby
We Have Pixie Beagles for Sale at Queen Elizabeth Puppies
More babies like this are coming: Go on the Waiting List to be notified and get first pick!

What are Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle Pixies?
Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles that are extraordinarily small are also called Pixies.  They may not look just like a classic beagle, but they are sure to have character and a charm that exceeds their diminutive size.  They come in all colors and patterns. They are warranted one year against health defects just like the bigger Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles.  

Lilliput, 5 lb. mother dog has had three litters of healthy puppies

Videos below feature many of her offspring and their later puppies too!

Pixies are certainly more charming and engaging than a standard beagle.  They are flirty and somewhat emotional.  They are very smart!  I have one that will watch TV....she especially wants landscape exploration type documentaries and will sit transfixed on the screen.  She is also so attached to my son that moved out.  When he rarely visits she tries her best to get his attention.  When he leaves she squalls and cries.  I have to hold her to comfort her. 
They are wonderful armchair companions that can squeeze in beside you even if you are on the laptop.  They love blankets and of course want to sleep with you.  They are devoted.  They like human food if they can get it.  They want to know everything that's going on.  They will fit in a bag on your shoulder and can go in places you wouldn't get by with a larger one on a leash.  If you want a diabetic dog the smaller ones are recommended because they can be up under your chin all the time to help them detect changes in your blood sugar/ketones.
Our larger Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles  are also extra devoted, but just calmer about it.  They are like coffee and Pixies are like expresso.
But if you have young children around that you want the puppy to romp with....choose the larger size.

Scooter with his family--he's the little one!

Gold & White Queen Elizabeth Pixie Beagle  Est. 7# Male


Gold & White Queen Elizabeth Pixie Beagle

Est. 7# DOB 1/12/16

Super Small!  Male $2000
Reserved for Vicki in Alaska!

'Little Gatsby'  son of 5 and 6 lb. parents

Pixiebeagles Cheeky and Bugsy 


Tinker Toy
Tricolor Teacup Male
 So small he's a Pixie!


Lil' Miss Muff
Congrats to Jamie & Jeff
From Lafayette CA

Lilo Pixie Beagle

Teacup Tuxedo Coat Female

Mocha Harlequin Teacup
Tiny, Blue-eyed Female


4 lbs. grown


Tiniest Teacup Tiger Brindle Female

Kept Back for Future Breeding 
Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle "Pixies" are the smallest beagles to be had!



Male Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle

Pixie Beagle Size


Male Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle

Pixie Beagle Size

Being placed with female for future breeding


Sable and White Pixiebeagle
Estimated to grow to 5 lbs. as adult

Extra-Small Male $2450
Congratulations to Devi for reservation of Chaz!


Golden Sable Tricolor Pixiebeagle
Female  Estimated 6 lbs.

In our breeding program


Red & White Pixiebeagle
Female  Estimated 5 lbs.


    Every Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle breeder sells their puppies through this website maintained by the Queen Elizabeth Pocket Breeds Foundation. Prospective puppy buyers have a unique opportunity to do their own comparative shopping in one place as every puppy available anywhere will be listed here.

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