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 How to Join the Get-A-Wag Club
Help Wanted: Become a Get-A-Wag Guardian 

The Get-A-Wag Therapy Puppy Club is one of a kind!

Help a child like Ezzy get a therapy puppy

Get-A-Wag places companion dogs and helps special need children & adults receive

Emotional Support Dogs from Get-A-Wag

We believe puppies, raised in nurturing home environments, make the best companions.

       We teach families how to raise puppies:

  • You get a complete breeding program designed to fit your home & family
  • You opt how to get your dogs: discounted purchase, payment plan, or FREE
  • You have 24/7 expert support to advise and train you in all aspects of breeding
  • You don't need to market your puppies, the club guarantees their placement
  • You receive compensation for raising Get-A-Wag puppies to make it affordable
  • You make meaninful connections with the families that receive your puppies
  • You can meet other club members and may become involved in club activities
  • The motive behind our mission:
  • The puppies born in the Get-A-Wag Therapy Puppy Club are small dogs having no known genetic or health problems.  But temperament is what makes them appraised the best small dog for emotional support therapy.  A person with a special need child needs to know the dog they get for emotional support will be predictable in size and temperament and have good health.  The child is going to get attached.  So you can't afford to have a bad outcome. [This is why we don't recommend adopting emotional support dogs from a shelter for impaired children. There are too many unknown risk factors.] 

  • We invite more people to get involved. You can help see this affectionate line of smallest breed therapy dogs into the future in joining the club. We are a rare dog breed foundation with a greater purpose: we place puppies with special need children and adults as Get-A-Wag therapy puppies.  

Become a Queens Guardian

Start reading below to join the Get-A-Wag Club

Information in 7 color boxes below detail our breed program

Read 7 steps below if you have questions

1) Frequently Asked Questions 

#1 Read the FAQ
for a quick overview
of how the club works


2) Breeder Application 

#2  Make  Online Application
an easy fill in the blank form

3) Breeding Protocol 

#3  Read the Breeding Protocol
Same policies for everyone

4) Standards of Care 

#4  Read the Standards of Care
mother and baby wellness plan

5) Your Breeding Program 

#5  Choose your Breedng Program
Customized matchmaking!

6) Purchase Contract & Health Warranty 

#6  Read the Purchase Contract
If you are purchasing your puppies
you will fill out one for each puppy

7) Breeding Agreement 

Submit your Breeding Agreement
then make plans to receive your dogs

    Every Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle breeder sells their puppies through this website maintained by the Queen Elizabeth Pocket Breeds Foundation. Prospective puppy buyers have a unique opportunity to do their own comparative shopping in one place as every puppy available anywhere will be listed here.


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