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 Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle Puppies for Sale

Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles

Celebrating 2024 Our 22nd Anniversary
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Adoring puppies
that will love you forever

Excellent Pets for Child or Adult
 Emotional Support Therapy
Diabetic and Seizure Service Dogs

 One Year Health Warranties
A Community of Breeders
Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee



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He’s precious . We are in love!!  Our boy is doing so good! He’s great with Carter! Doing really well at night in his crate and eating and drinking well, and going to potty good too! He’s the sweetest little cuddler too. So soft!  We named him Scout.  She had that name picked out for awhile. 
-- April, referring to daughter, Carter

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More Information about Queen Elizabeth Pocket Breeds 

Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle Pups

What is a Queens Beagle?
Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles are the toy breed of the beagle Our dogs were developed by our nationwide team of home breeders. They make easy care house companions that fit your lifestyle.  Healthy and good tempered, especially for kids!  Quiet, making good apartment dogs.  Ideal for emotional support therapy & seizure detection or diabetic alert dogs.

Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles:  housepets not hunters

What makes them the right dog for you?

Good Health: foundation supervised pairings, from genetically sound lines
Predictable Size: not bred from runts, our parent dogs were small too
Calm in nature: content in the house, having less need for outdoor exercise
Not yappy: usually quiet, not likely to howl; if they bark its to alert you
Not snappy: especially bred for children, they make good family dogs
Loving, soft, and sensitive: good therapy dogs, seizure detection dogs
These are not the 'pocket beagle' sized hunting beagles you will see advertised on other websites.  
Our dogs are a different breed of beagle, HOUSE PETS, with superior health, quieter temperament.

Queen Elizabeth Pocket Bear Puppies

What is a Queens Bear?

Queen Elizabeth Pocket Bears are  toy size companion dogs developed by our nationwide team of home breeders.  Cute and furry little Puggiebears come in different types.  Read about what makes them special: Rottiebears, Boxerbears, Bulliebears, Pandiebears.  Same great temperament  as the Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles from which they originate.  Healthy, smaller alternative to bulldog breeds.

Queen Elizabeth Pocket Bears: healthy mini bulldog alternatives

What do we guarantee?

The breeder of your puppy and the Queen Elizabeth Pocket Breed Foundation stand behind your one year health guarantee.

We guarantee satisfaction with your puppy upon arrival or you may exchange it for another puppy.

We help re-home any Queen Elizabeth Pocket Breed dog.
We offer 24/7 support and advice for the life of your dog.
Our breeders love their dogs and raise them with their families.
Standing behind twenty years of supervised breeding and online sales

Ideal as a Companion or Therapy Puppy
One year Health Warranty
Wonderful temperaments
Lifetime 24 hr. customer service

Good References 

Congrats to Kendyl And to Mia, now renamed: ELLIE!

See multiple pages of  sold puppies

Placing puppies 20 years with

1) good seller references

2) trustworthy online sales

3) great customer satisfaction

Greetings from Kendyl and Ellie

When you purchase a puppy your breeder and the Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle Foundation
donates a portion of the sale to place emotional support therapy dogs
with special need children and handicapped adults.

    Every Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle breeder sells their puppies through this website maintained by the Queen Elizabeth Pocket Breeds Foundation. Prospective puppy buyers have a unique opportunity to do their own comparative shopping in one place as every puppy available anywhere will be listed here.


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