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 Children Can Get-A-Wag

 Children can Get-A-Wag
The match is just the beginning.
Your child will enter a life-long journey exploring the magic that is between people and dogs.
They learn to make a bond based on complete and total trust. 
They see the world through their dogs eyes.
This transforms their life.

Stroking, holding, cuddling a loving puppy can rapidly calm and soothe a child when stressed.

Therapy puppies can ease our loneliness,
 reduce our stress,
 promote social interaction,
 encourage exercise and playfulness,
 and provide unconditional love and affection.

You can Nominate a Special Child to Get-A-Wag Puppy

First Children of Get-A-Wag 

November, 2012: Michelle, breeder of this pretty puppy reports from Kentucky:

Benecio from Liberty Ky receiving a Panda Dog from the Get a Wag Program with Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles Foundation.  This child is thrilled beyond measure, and loves this puppy. It makes a breeder smile to see the smile and change a puppy can make in someones life.


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