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 Dakota Gets Peeps
Dakota Received Pudgy Peeps August 2010
Brother to Jelly Belly is now living with 7 yr. old Dakota

All special needs children are eligible to receive a puppy at a discounted price.
Candy,  Here is the love @ first site pics.
He is such a peaceful bundle of joy. Our 11 year old is visiting older brother so he has not met Cooper yet.
Take care and we will be in touch and send more pics as they come...

Scott&Karen Riffey

I am so glad Peeps was able to go to you! And thank you for planning to send more pictures of your children. 

That's wonderful. I hope it will be a good thing for all having Peeps and your story should be an inspiration

to many when they see it. Rebecca

Hello Rebecca----First off Thank You so much for sending Peeps(Now Cooper) picture to us as he is a pure delight!!!He is so very sweet and Loving. Yes please feel free to call and 9pm is fine as Dakota is usually in bed at that time. He has a diagnoses of seizure disorder,Celbral Palsy, Gerd,Developmenal Delay,and Possible PEHO Syndrome. He is on oxygen 24/7 and has a feeding tube.Dakota is 7 yrs old.My five yr old son Dylan also in the picture has been diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental delay. My 11 yr old is with our oldest son for this week and will be home Sunday evening.Our 11 yr old is adopted he is hispanic and eskimo and has ADD. His picture will be sent either Sunday or Monday and his name is Zach. You can compose and ask what ever questions you need to help. Look forward to talking to you soon and again----THANK YOU!!!!Scott&Karen Riffey

Hello MRS. Candy----Hope to find ALL of you doing well!!!Just checking in as I haven't heard back from you re: last email about Peeps flight to SAC International. I can't begin to tell you how excited we are to get Peeps home. Since we adopted Peeps are family has been going over names and more often than none 3 of us like a name and one doesn't.One likes a name and the rest doesn't. So for now Peeps stays the same till we all can agree.
Scott&Karen Riffey

Peeps now 'Cooper' updated July 2011
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