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Friday, February 12 2021
An email response to a customer who is deciding whether to get a puppy right away after the death of their dog, or wait awhile.
Dear T.
     Some people do choose to wait after they lose a much loved dog and they describe the empty house, missing the companionship of their dog.  They say they don't want to disrespect the love they had for their dog and try to replace it right away.  They believe they must remember it and grieve for it the next year, or two, to be responsible. [This reminds me of trying to be responsible with a two year wait after divorce or death of a spouse.  People have been advised to consider carefully and not jump in too soon and make the wrong choice in a future mate.]
     Other people immediately get another puppy to help soothe the hurt. These people will still miss their dog that's gone but they have a new friend there to pet and receive love back from.  It keeps them company while they are sad over their loss.   [This is instant gratification because they are already set in their mind that they will always have a dog and there is no putting off what can help them right now.]
     I think the ones who wait are very brave.  I've seen people set a concrete timeframe.  They will determine they will grieve their pet for a year or some even set a two year time alone to mourn their dog.  Some really do mark the calendar for this.  I commonly then get people writing me saying that the time of waitng is over and they are so anxious to get their new puppy---FINALLY!  They have been so lonely, so long, but they wanted to do the responsible thing and wait for a year or two. 
     The ones getting a new puppy right away are invariably happy  and say how much they love them, but I occasionally hear that they didn't remember the effort it took to train a new pup.  They are taking the good with the bad.  But I don't have them giving them up.
     Well, Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles have been specializing in providing puppies to be emotional support dogs.  They help people adjust to lost health and lost loved ones.  You can get a puppy right away or wait.  It's all individual preference.  It's how you are most comfortable in dealing with a loss in your life.  Do you need a period of isolation/depression or do you ordinarily reach out for contact/comfort when something goes wrong?  Because this becomes a habit to repeat in life.  You will tend to do the same in getting your next companion. 
     I live with a little pack of twelve dogs in my home. There is never waiting.  The group is fluid, they come in, they go out.  I like it that way.
     I've been told by Rick that he's expecting a litter now and breeding for two more spring litters. We can notify you when each one's new photos go up so that will work out fine.  You can go on the waiting list:  If your need to wait is purely financial, then that's understandable and disregard my piece of advice next.
     My advice: make sure you are deciding to wait for the right reason.  Don't do it out of feeling you have to respect the loss of your pet when you really want to have the company right now!  It's a complement to your dog that the experience was so good with him that you want to repeat it with another puppy.  Do what will make YOU the most happy and have the least sadness.  You can't escape it.  You will have a mix of happy/sad whether you wait or not.
Best wishes,
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