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Saturday, September 19 2020

When my husband and I were enjoying an DVD sermon by Pastor Bill Liversidge, I heard the most personally moving description of how Jesus' own righteousness covers my sin so that I can be acceptable to God.  I wrote down word-for-word how this works and  hope you are blessed by it as I am. 

The Robe  --by Bill Liveridge

Praise the Lord, when I came to Him this morning He didn’t ask me how many weaknesses I’d overcome or how I was progressing, how far I’d come, and what I needed to do next.  He accepted me totally, completely.  I am His.  

He said, “YOU BELONG TO ME.”

I said, “I don’t look like You!”  I look at myself.  I see weakness.  I see dirtiness.  I see sin. “Lord, I’m unclean.  How can you say I belong to you?”

He said, “The only people who belong to me are those who are ungodly, who are dirty, who are sinful.  Because those people are the only ones who need what I have to give to them.”  

He brought out that special robe that belongs only to the Son. 

Satan objected, “You’re not going to put that on him?”  

And He gently draped it around my dirty, unclean body--just as I was.  

And as that robe came around my shoulders, He said, “Satan, I rebuke you!  Because this man is a brand plucked from the burning.  I have made him clean! His sins are forgiven. I DECLARE HIM RIGHTEOUS.”

As I felt that robe going around me a strange warm feeling came on me.  Do you know what it was?  It was the desire to really honor the One that put that robe upon me.  

I said to Him, “Jesus, for the privilege of wearing this robe, of knowing that my eternal life is assured again today, by the grace of God, I’m going to try to be as like You as I possibly can!”  

I want to be known as a son of the King.  I want to look like Him, talk like Him, live like Him. Because everyday, without ever having to press Him, convince Him why I need it, or bargain for it, everyday, HE OFFERS ME THAT ROBE.  

And even on the days I forget to take it, somewhere in the course of that day I feel His arms reaching out to me. And He reminds me, “I’m still your Father.  And just because you made that mistake yesterday, doesn’t mean I’ve thrown you out of the home.  In fact, I CAN’T WAIT TO PUT MY GARMENT BACK ON YOU, heal you!” 

How can I help but praise Him?  That frees me up!  

I can now get on with the business of living for Him because I don’t have to worry about my admittance through the pearly gates of heaven everyday.  I’ve got passport in hand.  And His robe around me.

My Father cannot wait to see me walk through that gate and live eternally with HIm.  He’s so willing, loving to accept me, to do all this for me.  It’s all free. 

What a privilege to share Jesus with others!  

-- exerpt from a sermon by Pastor Bill Liversidge. 

“Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.”  Romans 6:11 KJV

This was an excerpt from a sermon by a sweet man who was a Pastor most of his long life, but now is sleeping, waiting for Jesus' return.  He had the remarkable experience of being a missionary in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands in the 70's.  He was always smiling and ready to laugh, and used humor to keep his audience engaged and AWAKE although his sermons often went long!   You can read a short Biography of his life here.

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