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 Happy Buyers of Puppies Good References
Good References 

Our Growing List of Referrals

We are sooooo in love with Cliff!!!! Our kids remained him Oreo and they are giving him so much love! Thank you!!!

--Keesha who purchased puppy from Charm City Beagle March 2021

Celebrating Our 20th Year!
Dependable Online Sales & Adoption
Companion, Therapy, and  Service Dogs


In the last 20 years our nationwide club of breeds have placed hundreds of puppies with families and many have returned for more.

A few of their references are published in the page links above.  A BIG thank you all for your patronage.

Hey Rachel,
We received this email from Forrest, the breeder for Dickens, and he sounds like a great fit for our family. He said you would be handling everything for him while out of town. We would like to set up payment and pick up. I realized this is short notice and a holiday, but my husband is off work tomorrow. Could we come pick him up then?
--Falon 07/03/17

He's doing great! He's running around smelling and playing with all the toys and our other dog.  We aren't sure if he gets tired yet!
--Falon 07/04/17



Everything is going great! He is such a sweet, loving, and smart puppy. He is already learning basic commands and doing well with potty training. He has a very happy personality and wags his tail with so much enthusiasm his whole body wags with it. 
--Falon 07/07/17


Teacup Tricolor Female

She is doing great.  Mostly house trained and on a schedule for the most part. We had a big party here this weekend (my oldest son got his Eagle Scout award) and she was amazing.  We had a babysitter on standby but didn't need her at all.

You may be getting contacted by a few people that have fallen in love with her and didn't know anything about pocket beagles. One man at the ball diamond looked up your info on the spot. They understand the difference between Queen Elizabeth pocket beagles and thanks to ambassador Lizzie and they said they want a Queen Elizabeth like her even though they had regular beagles before.

Not having been a dog family before, we couldn't have asked for a better match for us.  She is perfect.


August 2014

Congrats on receiving Santa Claus: 

Cheryl says, "We have not put him down since we got him. He is such a joy to finally have in our house."

Santa's Helpers & Pecan
Could this be a teacup reindeer?'
It was "Love at first sight!"
Miller and Addison with their 2013 Christmas Puppy

Reference from Puppy buyer:
Mable arrived on Sunday safe and sound.  She is such a joy.   She is also a very good puppy.  Working with Sharon has been a pleasure.   She is such a devoted "mommy" to all the puppies.  I cannot express how happy I am that Mable is with us.  I do not think I could of gone through all of this without Sharon and he patience and understanding.   You are very lucky to have such a caring person in your circle of breaders. 

--Pam (from CT)


Just a note to send you Chanel’s (Luli) vet record. Today she got her third round of vaccinations, plus a shot of Pro Heart for heartworm. She is doing great and is already 6lbs.

Here’s a photo of her meeting my niece.
Best regards,


First of all, I want to thank you for your help and orientation on making it possible for us to have Chanel. She is a beautiful, sweet puppy and very well behaved. She is happy and alert and our family looks forward to enjoying her for many years. I will send you photos of her as she grows.  Please let me know where I can download the beautiful pictures of her that were in the website.

We did change her name to a more familiar one. Luli is short for Lourdes.  And it just so happens that one of my nieces is German and she is named Chanelle – so we definitely couldn’t keep that name. 

We took her this morning and she was found to be in good health.  She will have her booster shots next Friday and we will follow up monthly with him until her sterilization.

Best personal regards,


I wanted to give you an update on buddy the puppy here in Philly. He's now 8 months old and just got neutered. He is such a delight. He is house broken, loves long walks and the dog park. He enjoys the city and all the sights, smells and frequent noises. He's even made it through obedience training and is great with his new commands!

Just wanted to let you know he's doing great and we could not imagine our lives without him. Thanks again for your excellent work with him as a younger pup.
Much love,
Will and Heather


Hope you're well. We wanted to send you pics of "Buddy"!  He's such a happy puppy and doing very well. He loves Philly and just took his first trip to NYC. He is great with other dogs and loves to sleep. Thanks for raising him! We are looking forward to sharing more pics as he gets older!
Much love,
Will and Heather
Taylor meets her new friend "Topaz India" at the Airport then a short drive and off to meet her new Vet.
Topaz (9mons old)  and her best buddy
(our 3 year old Lab) Daisy.
Just wanted to let you know that Topaz is doing great.   She is 9 1/2 months old and about 9 lbs . 
She is a wonderful, sweet addition to our family and we all love her .

Alan, Rosalie & Taylor


Just wanted to let you know what a perfect addition Topaz is our family.   Our daughter decided to keep the name.  Her full name is Topaz India Miller ( the India came from our Vet because apparently August 15 is India's Independence Day}.   She is an amazing little puppy.
I was all prepared to stay up the first couple of nights while she adjusted to her new home.   To my surprise the very first night was a breeze, she curled up in her new dog bed, we turned out the lights and she was sound a sleep until 1:00 when we were awaken by her wanting to go outside.  After she went out, within minutes she was back asleep until 5am.   This has been her pattern for the first two nights.   She is the smartest & sweetest puppy.   She is everything we were looking for.    Her temperament is calm, playful, smart, sweet, easy going and she loves everybody.   We feel so blessed to of found her.
  Thank you so much for all you did getting her safely to us.   Picking her up at the airport will forever be a great memory for us as a family.   She was so excited to see our daughter, so please tell your daughter we appreciate her making that such an easy transition.
  I have attached a few pictures, from the airport, the car ride to the vet's office, our vet sitting in  the office floor playing with her (they all thought she was really something) and at home.

We already are in love with her….Thanks again….and if anybody ask…They do look some much bigger on the webpage than they are…

Rosalie (Alan & Taylor)


I had been looking at pups on this website on and off for many years, waiting for the right pup at the right time.  Our family experienced several transitional life situations within a few years and we need to wait for the right time for adding new pup.
Initially I communicated our desires with Rebecca, and she worked with her breeders to find us the right pup.  We needed a small teacup, female...preferably tricolor.  She sent us pictures of a couple of pups that Amanda had...we chose a tricolor chocolate female, the smallest of the litter.
We were blessed to work with Amanda!  She kept us supplied with current photos and progress reports on our pup.  We communicated through email and online chats, as well as phone conversations.  Our updates from Amanda included details about weight, activities, nutrition, socialization...even cute stories about her interactions at Carousel Beagles. 
Our delivery was delayed a few days due to the development of our tiny little girl, but communication throughout was consistent.   Delivery day brought us our happy, healthy, precious little pup!   She arrived with all her paperwork completed and intact.  Amanda chose a traveling crate for her that could continue to be used as she grows - a good use of financial resources for her and for us. During her first days with us she transitioned quickly to her new home/family/environment...which can certainly be attributed to Amanda's handling as a breeder!
Abbey had her first trip to our Vet this afternoon, and the Vet was VERY impressed with Abbey, with the paperwork that Amanda had sent and the care she had received from her in NC.  The Vet mentioned in particular the 24 hour health check and the details that Amanda included in her paperwork. The Vet gave Abbey a complete check - she weighed in at 2 pounds, 6 ounces and got a clean bill of health.  She checked heart, eyes, ears, nose, mouth/teeth, knees (and hips)...all looked good.  We talked a bit about special care of tiny pups...most of which Amanda and I had already discussed. 
As we are spending time getting to know Abbey, we're reminded of all the stories that Amanda had been telling us...and seeing them for ourselves.  Our little pup was the tiniest of the litter, but her personality certainly compensates for her tiny stature.  It was obvious that Amanda and her family had spent time socializing Abbey!  On her first night with us we introduced Abbey to another QEPB, Sophie, that my son had received just a week early.  Sophie is 10 days older and several pounds larger than Abbey, and Sophie's personality is seemingly much more laid back.  It's been fun to watch them learning to interact together.  Of course pups are a lot of work, but they are SO MUCH fun! 
We couldn't be happier with our little Abbey, and my son couldn't be happier with his Sophie!  We love our pups and look forward to sharing our stories with QEPB as they grow.
I'm sending a few of the pictures that we have.
Thank you for everything!!

October Get-A-Wag Donation
Koolax and Kadigaan on the way home
to Ketchikan Alaska
Two female Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles donated to these boys

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Red  Panda Dog Female

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Reserved for Mike & Linda


Black Pied Tricolor Male Queens Beagle

Sold!  Congrats to Ginger

Phillip Teacup

Male Silver Harlequin Tricolor

Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle

Sold Congrats to Lisa

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Golden Sable Tricolor Male $1600 Reserved


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Tiger Eclipse Tricolor

ADOPTIVE PRICED $1000 OFF! Female $850

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