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 We Have Pandiebear Puppies Also known as Panda Dog
Directory of Pandiebear Breeders 

We have Pandiebear Puppies!
Derived from Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles
One Year Health Warranty
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About this Breeder Directory:
There are approximately a dozen breeders of Queen Elizabeth Pocket Breeds around the nation.  More are being added to the directory as they renew their breeder contracts.  All Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle or Bear breeders agree to provide our foundation one year health warranty to their puppy buyers.  They also work together for the improvement of the breed and contribute to providing emotional support puppies to special need children and adults through the Get-A-Wag emotional support therapy puppy program.

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Queen Elizabeth Pocket Bear Breeders 
Pandamonium Pups of Tennessee

Located near Chattanooga, TN

Breeders of Queen Elizabeth Pandiebears

Pandiebears come in classic black & white or red panda variants

Offering one year health warranties

Puppies are up to date with immunizations and deworming

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What is a Pandiebear? 

Toy Panda Dog
A toy sized companion breed, ideal for families from Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles

What are the best characteristics of the breed?

After eighteen years of careful, selective breeding for temperament, conformation, and health we are confident to promote the Toy Panda Dog as an ideal toy sized companion breed.  They resemble white, red, or black panda bear cubs as puppies, typically growing to be 5 to 18 lbs.  Their coat is natural colored and easier to care for than a Shih Tzu.  They have better health than a Schnauzer.  These dogs are quieter, and lower in energy level than a Jack Russell Terrier.  It makes them great for apartment life; they can usually be found cuddled up in their favorite spot napping. 

Why is the breed is good for kids?

The Toy Panda Dog is excellent for children because we developed the breed for children.  Good nature is its top priority.  We used only "child-safe" dog breeds in their development.  They love to be involved in family life.  Toy Pandas are big on snuggling and little on size.  They are guaranteed to entertain you for hours on end!

How was the bred developed?

The Toy Panda Dog is not a hybrid.  A hybrid is where you take two purebreds and put them together to get a first generation blend. This is how most designer breeds are made---but the Toy Panda Dog is its own complex  breed developed by our team of breeders from many states. It is several generations into development--our club has worked on it almost 15 years.   All small toy breeds used were chosen for their health and good temperament.  We used Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle and Pug and  too many more to list. [Plus this is a trade secret!]

Now they are their own breed:  Queen Elizabeth Pocket Pandiebears. 

About Queen Elizabeth Pandiebear Toy Panda Dogs 

A recent fashion in China is to have a dog which looks like a panda.  These dogs are artificially dyed and may have ears trimmed and fur cut but many people are outraged by this treatment.

A Toy Panda Dog is the humane alternative

Get-A-Wag Toy Panda Dog puppy breeders are supervised under the highest standards to give you naturally colored puppies that are small and easy to care for. 

Ozzie:  So handsome!  This is what an adult Pandiebear looks like.

A puppy old enough to be adopted--how can you resist?

A baby so full of fun:  She's a darling little explorer


Linda and Mike: Life and Times Having a Pandiebear 
Kaleb and Amy: Their Pandiebear Makes a Good Therapy Puppy 
Red Pandiebear Family Portraits 

Red Panda Puppies are available.  Four of the red Pandiebear puppies sitting between their parents are avaialble for adoption.  These puppies have been worked with a lot and are mostly house trained as you can see by their well behaved photo.  They would make excellent emotional support or diabetic alert dogs as most are small enough to wear in a chest pack.  Photo Courtesy of Canines 4 Christ of Idaho

Prayer Team in action!
Now taking your prayer requests

Congrats to Barbara
New Guardian for Gracie and George

Parents of Pandiebear Puppies in Slideshow

All colors!  Black Panda, Red Panda, Red Sun, Blue Moon

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Not ready to buy but want notification of each litter?  You may  Go on the Waiting List

Customer Service Available TEXT 812-278-4174

    Every Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle breeder sells their puppies through this website maintained by the Queen Elizabeth Pocket Breeds Foundation. Prospective puppy buyers have a unique opportunity to do their own comparative shopping in one place as every puppy available anywhere will be listed here.


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