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 Therapeutic Visitation Dogs

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Therapeutic Visitation Dogs

Read about Girard, who got his second Therapeutic Visitation Dog

Appropriate for visiting hospitals, extended care facilities, schools


Girard is a great example of a dedicated Therapeutic Dog Handler.  He brings his dogs for visitation four times a week at four extended care facilities. He's a military veteran that understands the special bond dogs have with people to help them heal.  He just got a new Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle puppy to join he and Peaches on their rounds.

This is Peaches

She's a pro at visitation

7 years old

Meet the new boy

Mr. Peabody!

10 months old

Email from Girard:

Peaches is a trained therapy dog . She is 7 years old and is part yellow lab and part harrier. She stands about 18 inches tall. She is very good with other dogs and inside cats.  I have had her for 2 years and have only heard her bark 3 times and that was when she was chasing a squirrel in  the back yard. 

I have a quarter acre of fenced yard for Peaches to run in. With my work load of four nursing homes to go to each, it limits my time at home. I try not to work Peaches more than 2 hours at one time but we have to travel up an hour each way to get to these homes. This is all done for free which is a expense with the gas.  Also the dogs will have to be checked by a vet once a month and a record produced to hand into the home director so that I can show they are up to date with their shots, nails clips, are given the right heart worm and tick medicine.

I sure do appreciate you going thru all the trouble finding me the right dog. Yes the dog has to be small enough to be placed in to laps of handicap patients who have little or no leg muscle . Weight is the big issue. Nothing more than 15 lbs max when full grown.  An older pup would be ok. 

I am booked for nursing homes tomorrow and Monday. I have Tuesday off.  I will need an address so that I can put it in my GPS.  I will also want to know what to feed it and what other things I will need to know about it.  It's been a long time since I have had a puppy.  By the way Peaches will be coming with me as I don't go any where with her.

Thank You,

First Day At Work

'Love in the Lap'

5 weeks later.....

We named him Mr. Peabody. He still a little skitish but is doing real well. Has had all his shots. I take him with Peaches 4 times a week to nursing homes and to other places that I go. the more people he sees the more he lets people near him.  As soon as I get [him] to sit on people's laps we will start taking pictures. 

I will keep in touch.      Jerry

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