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Size Comparison of Beagle Breeds
Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles are a different breed from the pocket beagles than you see advertised elsewhere on the internet: those pocket beagles are actually small standard hunting beagles. The Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle can be teacup sized under ten pounds in size. They are housepet in nature and lower in exercise requirements.

Smallest Rare Breed Hounds in Existence
Pixe: 3-10 pounds
Teacup: 10-15 pounds
Toy: 15 to 25 pounds


What about this description " Teacup"....
Will an 8 pound dog really fit in a teacup?
Let's be honest:
It depends on the size of your teacup!
'Toy', 'Teacup', 'Pixie'  are size descriptors defining our
small.... from our smaller.... from our smallest!

We do careful size estimations for each puppy.  We compare weights from each puppy in the litter, compare that to  the size of puppies from previous litters, and also factor in the size of the parents and grand-parents.
Exerpt from our Health Warranty:  *Accurate Weight Estimation

Your breeder will provide an accurate weight of the puppy at the time of it's purchase.  An estimate of it's adult weight will be given using the standard accepted calculations among dog breeders:  Multiply weight at 8 wks x4, 12 wks x 3, 16 wks x 2 to get estimation of adult weight.  You may also ask for this size of the parents of your chosen puppy as we normally provide this to all customers during our conversations with you.  Prediction of weight  is not a guarantee as genetic heritage can influence size as well as your physical environment  affects its eating habits as does your choice of dog food. 

An Example from Sir Echo Beagles of Illinois
Duke, from last year's litter.  13 lbs. now at 1 yr. 3 mos. 

Photo courtesy of owner, Helen who writes:
Duke is great! Very sweet, very active!  He gets a walk or a run everyday- and he never tires. He loves his 'adopted' sister, Annabelle. They are inseparable! He is 13 pounds, with long legs and a thin, muscular build. We think he is part greyhound! Here are some pictures. He is beautiful and we love him very much! --10/09/2016

Kate and Dianna Adult Females

At Queens Court Beagles of Tennessee

Sophia Adult Teacup Female

Mimsey 8 lb. Teacup Sized Female

Victoria at the Park

Photo courtesy of

Queens Court Beagles of Tennessee

Hank Toy Size Adult Male

    Every Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle breeder sells their puppies through this website maintained by the Queen Elizabeth Pocket Breeds Foundation. Prospective puppy buyers have a unique opportunity to do their own comparative shopping in one place as every puppy available anywhere will be listed here.


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