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 Skyelynn & Libby do Agility
 These beautiful teacup sized dogs originated as puppies from Candyland Kennels of Delaware.

Dec. 16, 2012 Wendy writes: 
The girls are doing great. Libby just got another Title today in Agility. She is doing so awesome. Every time we are out at an Agility Trial we get so many compliment on how cute she is. They all still think she is a baby. They are shocked when I tell them she is 5.

Skyelynn is just happy to run Agility in class.

Wendy Howard,  guardian of the two Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles, trains Libby below for agility. 

Newest Agility Video

Watch Skyelynn compete--she can really move!

Presenting 2 yr. old 9in/llLb.
Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle

Hereby Awarded "Queen of Agility"
  We commend her talented trainer
and guardian, Wendy!
Also introducing Libby's adopted 2 yr. old sister 9.5in/10Lb. Skyelynn,
blue-eyed silver harlequin Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle.

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