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Miss Puggytown of North Carolina
They deserve an Oscar for their starring role in the early development of
Queen Elizabeth Puggiebears, Boxerbears, and Rottiebears!
Many thanks! to past breeder, Jeanie
Precious 'Blue-Eyed' Puggybears
Modeled by 'Miss Puggytowns' Ayla
A Note from Jeanie, the Breeder:

Max is the sire of the Litter.  He has the most beautiful markings.  His jester coloring is vivid... many of the jester markings do not stay vivid but Max stayed absolutely striking. He weighs 12 lb. With a well proportioned body.  He has bright robin egg blue eyes and some of the puppies have kept their blue eyes too.  Blue eyed puggles are a rarity but ours inherited their blue eyes from their sire [a Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle].  

Max has one other outstanding quality he is so smart!  He's affectionate without being licky.  He is also more independent and will go through a bedtime ritual where he will turn down a tempting treat to come up with a plan to hide, roll over and beg to stay up longer or he tries to just sit real still and blend in with laundry on the couch!

Our puppies momma dog is Miss Puggy an AKC pedigreed Pug.  She's a small pug (14-15 lb.)  Missy lives to cuddle.  If I'm sitting on the couch it's only moments before she's right there with me.  She's a great bed warmer in the winter!  She's been such a good momma dog for her puppies.  This is her third and possibly her last litter.  Missy is friendly to anyone who comes to visit she's never met a stranger she didn't like.  

Each puppy has special qualities since they are almost 3 months old and we have gotten to know them well.

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