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 Happy Homecoming Sponsorship
Sponsor An Adoptive Dog 

Queen Elizabeth Pocket Breeds

Happy Homecoming: Sponsor a Dog

Select Photo below to view a slideshow of adoptive dogs
All are Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles

or one of their 4 blended breeds: Rottiebear, Bulliebear, Boxerbear, or Pandiebear

Happy Homecoming: Sponsor a Dog

$100 sponsors an adoptive dog as we screen potential families to find their ideal adoptive home. This money will go toward necessary expenses of food, health prevention, shelter, and care.  

Your sponsorship will help make the easiest transition for your selected dog to have a Happy Homecoming as it's placed straight from their familiar surroundings to its new adoptive family.   

Incentive to Sponsor a Dog

When you choose to sponsor a dog (or more than one), we'll send you a Certificate of Sponsorship, including their current photo and baby pic.  And we will post online updates regarding your sponsored dog’s Homecoming progress to a loving family placement. 

And it doesn’t stop there:  You’ll also receive a $100 Gift Certificate good toward purchase of a dog or puppy on our website.  

Next Step…Find Your Dog!

View the featured dogs in the slideshow at the top of the page or search the Adoptive Adult Dog pages. Our club members are reducing their numbers and some have retired from breeding.  Many never before available dogs are now adoptable. Some are early retiring mother or father dogs that are so often extra loving.  Some were the ‘best of the best’, kept back, designated to become breeding dogs, but were never bred through the Covid pandemic.. And some are simply older puppies, yet to be placed, eager to be loved.  

All are beautiful Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles and their blended sub-breeds such as Rottiebears, Bulliebears, Boxerbears, and Pandiebears. Coming with a great twenty year history of superior health and loving temperament, they make great companions. And no dog is too old to be traned as your emotional support therapy or service dog for diabetic alert or seizure detection.  They seem to do it naturally!  

Fill out your Sponsorship Application

And, what if you want to adopt one yourself?

That's wonderful!  We welcome your desire to make one of our dogs a part of your own family.  You will hear from us within 24 hours.

Fill out your Adoption Application

    Every Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle breeder sells their puppies through this website maintained by the Queen Elizabeth Pocket Breeds Foundation. Prospective puppy buyers have a unique opportunity to do their own comparative shopping in one place as every puppy available anywhere will be listed here.


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