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 Classic Beagle Conformation
Queen Jolie's Classic Conformation

Beautiful Queen Jolie is a great example of the classic Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle conformation our small dogs have.  She only weighs ten pounds. Her puppy at the end of this slideshow will grow to be as good looking as she. Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle leg length may vary as it does in standard beagles.  Some difference in overall conformation and body style may be found kennel to kennel. But every breeder strives to perpetuate their sweet puppy builds as they look like a puppy long after they have become adults!

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Queen Elizabeth Pocket BeagleTM Breed Standard
Top of the teacup size
15 lb. Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles
Victoria had her puppies--such a good mom!

Smaller teacup size

10 to 12 lb. Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle

Dianna and babies after a checkup at the veterinarian

FAQ from Actual Puppy Buyers
  • 'Puppy Customer', Jessica, asks: "What is the difference between a Queen Elizabeth dog and the ones at Pocket Beagle USA? Most of their male puppies are priced at around $1000.00.
    USA pocket beagles [and the other pocket beagle breeders you see advertised on the internet] breed what AKC calls 13" standard beagles. Those come from a hunting background. Our breed was created ten years ago by out-crossing the beagle breed with very small dachshunds and then breeding back to small beagles to create many new lines. Now we are several generations from the original out-cross. A Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle is a different breed of dog. We have thus far eliminated epilepsy, a common defect of beagles. They typically do not bay and howl like a hunting dog. They have many unusual colors a standard beagle can't have in its lines. This took the work of many different families working with dozens of beagles through the past decade to make many different lines. It is a huge project to create a different dog breed. That is why they are more rare, more valuable than what is a little purebred beagle that some people are calling "pocket" to attract buyers while actually they are simply remarketing the same small beagle under a different label. According to AKC they do not recognize the pocket beagle as a different breed of dog and therefore still call them 13" beagles. We used to sell all our dogs higher before the economic problems hit the country. Now prices vary more out of necessity. I hope this clarifies the breeds. Expect a high energy hunting beagle nature from a standard pocket beagle like USA Pocket Beagles sells. [I have purchased two from them in the past. So I know. They were restless, pacing inside the house and were climbers and barkers.] By contrast our Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles prefer to cuddle on the couch. We call their nature 'housepet instead of hunter'.

    Every Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle breeder sells their puppies through this website maintained by the Queen Elizabeth Pocket Breeds Foundation. Prospective puppy buyers have a unique opportunity to do their own comparative shopping in one place as every puppy available anywhere will be listed here.


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