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 Adults Can Get-A-Wag

Adults can Get-A-Wag
Emotional Support Therapy Dogs

To invite an emotional support therapy dog into your home
seems just a little thing. 
But most people say it was what opened
a new outlook on life for them. 
Its no small miracle,
the connection that's made. 
It's not just because they're loving and affectionate.
Its not just because they're intelligent and rewarding to train.
It's the phenomenon that happens
when your dog inspires you to enjoy life vicariously
through the simple enjoyment they take in everyday things. 
You start to look at your world a new way, through dogs' eyes. 
And while you are busy doing this, you forget to be worried.
Distracted from pain, you no longer feel lonely.
What's this? You're healing.
Because dog takes us outside ourself,
gives us a glimpse of Divine
in that dog was born to care about us.

ou can Nominate a Special Adult to Get-A-Wag

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